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In this new opportunity we have a Watch Dogs 2 guide in order to explain how to download for free.

What to know about Watch Dogs 2?

In 2016 this game was launched, loaded with a lot of action and adventure in the third person, where we had the option of hacking electronic equipment, with the purpose of using them to access the details of some personal life, changes in the environment or in the missions to get advantages, certainly many of us thought that the open world was one of the best things about this game, with the Ubisoft Forward we will have the opportunity to get it, so it is necessary that we know how to download for free, this due to the Attunement of the event that will be presented on July 12, with the content of this guide we will have many answers, follow them closely with great attention.

How to download free Watch Dogs 2?

What we will do is go to the Ubisoft Forward website at the time of the pre-show or event, taking into account being connected to our Uplay account, the pre-show will start at 11 am PT, but the actual start will be at 12 pm PT, it is necessary that we log in to our Uplay account when being on the web and we have to locate ourselves in a small icon in the upper right part of the browser, this appears in our Uplay account, in this way It is possible to claim our copy of the game for PC, it must be taken into account that the Ubisoft Forward event also includes several upcoming titles like this, the event can be seen on YouTube or Twitch, only if we view it from these last options it will not be possible the claim of our copy of the free game.

 We hope that the information presented here regarding How to download for free is very useful to have fun and access Watch Dogs 2 2 for free.

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