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Guide to learn where to find Irv clone fight in Wasteland 3

There will be a moment in the game when you will have to enter the interest department and in that place it will be inevitable that you will find 3 clones of Irv and you may have to face them for that, but do not worry, the truth is that you can Avoid such clones in the game to avoid bad times in case they are not able to face them. So in this guide we will tell you exactly where to find Irv clone fight in order to avoid it.

Where to find Irv clone fight in Wasteland 3?

One of the requirements you need to be able to "avoid" said battle is that in the game you must have the following skill level of Wasteland 3 on your team:

  • Level 4 Sneaky Sh * t,
  • Level 3 Strange Science
  • Level 4 Nerdy stuff.

It may be the case that you only have a single character with all three abilities, which is more than enough to avoid the Irv clone fight, but it is perfectly adequate to divide them into three squad members.
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    Once you have identified a team (in case you have one) with the characteristics mentioned above, you should use the one with Level 4 Sneaky Sh * t to disarm the tripwire that is just before the area with the clones. Once this is done, the member with the level 3 "Strange Science" skill must be transferred to the clone machine in the upper right corner of the room where Irv's clones are circling.

    Once this is done, the next thing you need to do is interact with the clone machine and use "Strange Science" level 3 again to study the data output.

    Then they must repeat the infiltration process mentioned above to carry the character with Level 4 Nerd Stuff to the clone machine and then select shower option to destabilize the clones. This will cause enemies to disintegrate completely, freely enabling the machine turret and collecting data from the computer terminal near the center of the room.

    Once this is done, you must now confront Irv with your discovery, and this NPC is in the bookstore in the downtown Colorado Springs market. During the conversation with Irv, the player must decide if they want to recruit him, which will send him to Ranger HQ, where he will make clone pets, or if they want to fire him and finish him off altogether.

    Now that you know where to find Irv clone fight in Wasteland 3 you can complete the mission without having to do a great process in the middle of the war and all the protocol that this entails. Luck!

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