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If you are one of those who wants to know how to solve love letter puzzle in Wasteland 3, don't worry because we have everything covered.

What is love letter puzzle in Wasteland 3?

It is just one of the many puzzles that you can find in the game, specifically shortly after starting, you will come across the lovers letter puzzle which we will tell you how to complete today.

How to solve love letter puzzle in Wasteland 3?

The first thing you have to do is get the skill that will allow you to open locks to obtain the Love Letter Puzzle. When you have it, you will have to go to the clothing store that is in the center of Colorado Spings to find the love letter that is in the safe that is opened using lock picks.
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    The love letter will give you the first clue, but it also mentions a park where you can find the next clue, that is, in the park that is downtown, in Broadmoor Heights, on the west side of the area.

    Head to the park and access through the main story or with Lucia Wesson. Inside you will have to look for an excavation place that is near the west wall, here you will have to dig to get the second love letter. Find the other letters that lead you to the treasure, but you can find it directly on the north side of the park, near the stairs you will see a tree. Here you will have to interact with the tree and use the lock to access the treasure and solve the puzzle.

      Now that you know how to solve love letter puzzle in Wasteland 3, you can complete it and get everything the treasure has in store for you. Remember that like this article, we already have a lot of content about the game that will be very useful to you.

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