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There are many players who still don't know how to find Hallie in Wasteland 3, so today we will tell you how to do it.

What is The Slaver's Bounty mission by Wasteland 3.

This is a mission where you will have a lost slave, Hallie specifically. To access this mission you will have to go to the rangers' headquarters after having improved the basics with the mechanics, the jailer, etc.

Here you will find a group of armed people at the entrance who ask you to find a missing slave and take her back in exchange for some rewards.
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    How to find Hallie in Wasteland 3.

    To find Hallie you will have to go to the center of Colorado Springs, here you can find her near the main entrance, standing with some refugees near a fire. Talk to her to access a couple of options, one will allow you to let her go and the other to lie to her so you can lure her back to your base and hand her over to the slavers.

    If you let her escape, you get 10 experience points from Wasteland 3Refugee and the slavers will tell you that they will track her down.

    If you give it to the slavers you will lose 10 reputation with the Refugees of Wasteland 3 and you will receive a code that opens the vault by the stairs of Medical Bay in the HQ, where you will find weapons and armor.

     That's all you have to know if you were wondering how to find Hallie in Wasteland 3, we hope our article was as helpful as possible for you and you have managed to complete this mission. Remember that the choice is yours and each choice has its own repercussions.

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