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Warhammer: Chaosbane How to Play With Mage Fire Build

2019-06-03 20:05:33

In the world that Warhammer presents: Chaosbane being powerful is something very important so that facing your enemies is much easier and you end up surpassing them by much difference, being unstoppable. Because of this, this guide presents details about how compilation is done for your character's Level 50 Mage Fire.

Mage Fire Level 50 in Warhammer: Chaosbane

The construction Mage Fire Level 50 has a very good capacity and is that it allows to inflict a great amount of damages with a reduced consumption in energy, which turns out to produce a great advantage. This means that this construction, with the right skills, will take a long time to release the energy, which usually does not happen.

The abilities as Magician in the High Elves are specific skills that are special for the High Elves. Generally, the magician focuses on fire and damage by magic, however the construction presented in this article focuses on the damage of fire. In this sense, basic fire skills will be specified. The mentioned skills are specified in the following sections.

Warhammer Chaosbane, Level 50 Mage Fire Build, Burn Everything, Endgame Tutorial

Construction Mage Fire in Warhammer Chaosbane

Since the construction alluded to in this guide focuses on fire, basic fire skills will now be specified in the following sections. In this sense the basic, God, passive and some other skills that are needed to form the Mage Fire construction are shown.

Aqshy level 2 Superior missile

Taking into account that it is a construction of Fire, this is the basic skill necessary to form it. With this ability you will be able to launch a projectile through which a fire explosion can be created once it comes into contact with the enemy or on impact. This can also burn enemies and set fire to the ground.

This ability can also generate 10% energy, plus it can be used because it provides a certain range and putting things on fire is another advantage.

Phoenix Bulwark Level 3 Mastered

This ability allows you to create walls of flames that can damage any enemy that comes in contact with the wall, you only need to unlock level 3. Next to this, the ability also allows you to have some breathing space while continuing to inflict certain amount of damage when using the Fire Breath ability.

Breath of Fire Level 3 Mastered

With this ability it is possible to inflict a good amount of damage by sending a burst of fire that can damage and burn enemies. You can also control the direction of the flame, as long as you have the energy.

This ability is the key to construction and works very well when combined with the fire wall produced by the Phoenix Bulwark Level 3 ability. With this combination you get a DPS with more than 12000 damage plus additional damage with 5000 inh damage, caused by the wall of fire.

Etheric Storm of level 1

With this ability it is possible to stun enemies, especially the biggest ones. With this it is possible to invoke a ray that can more than stun, even damage enemies.

Explosion of ether level 2 Superior

As God's skill, this is the one that must be guaranteed to have. This allows you to inflict additional fire damage in case the construction does not seem complete. It generates very good results to defeat bosses and big enemies since it allows to launch a totem with the ability to explode after a few seconds.

Concentration Level 3 Mastered

This is a passive skill, necessary for this construction. The importance of this ability in this construction is mainly due to the fact that this ability must be used when going to a Relic Dungeon, since you can always receive damage in a dungeon.

Master of the Winds Level 3 Mastered

Since the Fire Breath ability mentioned above, along with others, produce a great expenditure of energy, it is very necessary to regenerate it as quickly as possible. This ability of God passive type, it is possible that enegia recovers much faster, since it provides 40% more in maximum energy.

Level 3 domain of Aqshy Mastered

This ability turns out to be very useful in this construction since it has the capacity to increase the fire damage and each nearby enemy is more likely to receive a critical hit. In this sense, this ability can increase the damage.

Step between worlds Level 1

This ability will allow to have much more mobility, especially to avoid the biggest enemies. It is a skill that allows you to make a teleportation with which you can move very quickly to another place in an area. Also, with this ability it is possible to evade enemy attacks or larger enemies themselves.

How to play with Mage Fire construction

begin with, one should keep in mind that the main skills in this Mage
Fire construction in Warhammer: Chaosbane are the Level 3 Mastered
Phoenix Bulwark and the Level 3 Mastered Fire Breath.

On the other hand, the Firewall ability allows you to have a bit of space between the enemies, since they can not get near at all. In addition it is possible to complement this ability with a devastating blast of fire being behind the wall and which in turn allows inflicting large amounts of damage. All this combination makes it very easy to shoot down large groups of enemies.

Another point in favor of this construction is that its energy is slowly consumed, giving rise to the maintenance of all the fire that has been scattered. Also, this Fire Breath ability remains active for 20 seconds.
A recommendation is that when the energy level is excited to exhaust, the only thing that must be done is to use the basic skills that make it possible to regenerate the energy very fast.

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