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Warhammer: Chaosbane High Elf Mage: How to Build Weave n Beam

2019-06-10 16:44:10

This is the correct way to build Weave n Beam in Warhammer: Chaosbane.

Warhammer: Chaosbane is a strategy miniatures game set in a dystopian future. In this title elements of science fiction are mixed with elements of heroic fantasy. Where players alternate short bursts of skills between "Arcane Hail-superior" and "Breath of Fire-mastered" for a time interval of at least 3 seconds in order to achieve a great output of Dps. If you want to know how to build Weave n Beam in Warhammer: Chaosbane, continue reading.

Chaosbane - High Elf Mage unclean one boss kill

Warhammer: Chaosbane High Elf Mage

Based on the use of the Dragontamer Heroic set and the heroic sword "RIft-Eater" it has the ability to erase all content in the Chaos 5 difficulty modes.

The High Elf Mage: Development of Weave n Beam Chaos 5 viable

You will have to alternate between brief bursts of the "Arcane Superior Hail" and "Breath of Fire" abilities for a minimum time of 3 seconds, this fulfills multiple functions to achieve your main attacks.

  • Alternate between two types of damage, this helps you maintain full activity time on both 100% dmg of "Arcane Binding" benefits.
  • Using "Breath of Fire" also activates our "Quaysh Shield" passive in order to obtain a greater reduction of Hp / Dmg.
  • Procs emits the element "Rift-Eater" as crazy. It remains immobile as long as it is safe to keep the defensive benefits active and launches "Blinding Light-M", "Aetheric Vortex-S" at the cooldown, since these offer additional utility. As for example, slowdowns and health / sustained energy.

Below is the complete configuration of alternative abilities in Warhammer: Chaosbane:

  • Change "Fire breathing dominated" by "Ethereal Ray - Superior".
  • Replace "Quasyh Shield-Mastered" with "Arcane Secrets-Mastered".

God's ability tree:

  • Equipment and statistics per slot:
  • Equipment and statistics per slot:

Set of main slots:

  • Dragontamer Helm = 3k Armor, 7.9 Cd reduction, 10k health, 9.4% cost reduction, 104 counterattacks.
  • Dragontamer Chest = 3.1k Armor, 10.4k Health, .6 regeneration of health, 24 max of energy, 127 counterattacks.
  • Dragontamer Legs = 3.1k Armor, 10.4k Health, .5 health regeneration, 22 max of energy, 120 counterattacks.
  • Dragontamer Bracer = 3.1k Armor, 10.2k Health, 30% Crit damage, 23 maximum energy, 108 counterattacks.
  • Dragontamer Boots = 3.1k Armor, Life 10.2k, 9.4% speed bonus, 20 maximum power, 124 counterattacks.

Weapons in Warhammer: Chaosbane:

  • Sword of the Rift-Eater = 14% Armor piercing, 17% reduction of CD, 57% critical damage, 5.4k damage, 238 counterattacks.
  • Sentinel's tireless staff = 8.2% Cd reduction, 16% critical chance, 27% critical damage, 2.5k damage, 127 counterattacks.

Jewelry in Warhammer: Chaosbane:

  • Dragon ring = 5.2% critical chance, 12% critical damage, 1k damage, 4k health. Probability in crit proc = -20% dmg taken.
  • Glow Ring = 2% armor piercing, 6.1% critical chance, 971 damage, 4.1k health. Probability of critical proc = reduction of CD.
  • Phoenix Amulet = 1.2k armor, 5.6% Crit, 4k Health, 47 counterattack. In the use of potions proc = -30% dmg taken.

Apparently in Warhammer: Chaosbane all the rings, necklaces and canes have the ability to tite the sacred trifecta of + critical probability, + dmg damage and critical +, as long as Rngesus is on your side.

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