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Warframe Wisp: how to unlock It and defeat Ropalolyst

2019-05-24 14:28:01

Many are talking about the new Wisp Warframe and how to unlock it, but surely many do not even know what Warframe Wisp is.

They're a new framework with skills focused on summoning allies and covering up, these skills came to Warframe as part of the last update of 25.0, which also added the long-awaited remaster of the city of Corpus Gas.

Knowing how to unlock skills and get it allows you to enjoy Wisp Warframe's passive ability is useful to disappear from enemies completely while you're in the air and not fire a weapon, it also possesses four amazing passive skills that range from spawning fans to all the equipment, until the incineration of enemies with a powerful ray of pure light.

Warframe - How To Get Wisp ! Wisp Parts Full Guide !

Unlock Warframe Wisp 

Knowing how to unlock Warframe Wisp can be a bit confusing especially for new players and for not-so-new ones as well. The fact is that many are talking about how to unlock and how to get all parts of Warframe Wisp and other questions related to Ropalolyst.

But to answer all those questions and all that may arise with regard to Warframe Wisp, we've prepared a very complete guide to know how to unlock it, how to end Ropalolyst and others more below.

In order to unlock Warframe Wisp, first of all, you'll have to unlock Jupiter, which will be the next plane to unlock the crossing in Ceres. You can use the map to find the route and see what requirements each one requires.

Then you'll have to finish the prologue of the chimera, which will not be in your Codex until you make the final mission of the story.

Then go and perform the Ganymede Node on Jupiter and move to the Assassination Node for Ropalolyst on Jupiter.

To end Ropalolyst, you'll have to go to the flying Eidolon using the zip lines, but you must be careful and change the route to avoid the electric cables. When on the platform, go to the large electrical node to avoid the massive and loaded attack.

After the lightning strike is over, hit Ropalolyst using Amp attacks until you break your shields, jump on it and send spam with the X key and go to the conduit.

The boss will go to the platform center and will stand behind opalolyst before shooting the Synovia on his back. This will stun the boss and allow you to reach a panel on the platform, activate it and launch a massive beam at the beast.