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Warframe Wisp: How to Farm the Ropalolyst Boss

2019-05-29 19:28:46

Do you want to know how to cultivate the head of Ropalolyst in Warframe Wisp? Discover it here.

After that, Warframe, the free-to-play third-person video game based mainly on a video game of cooperation and support with other players, finally has a new update. This time loaded with important things for the game, among them, Wisp. So if you are curious to know what are the ways to cultivate Wisp efficiently, continue reading.

It is important that you know that in order to fully build Wisp you must wait a few days, which indicates that the agriculture of its parts should be of higher priority.
The plans of Warframe Wisp are separated from the new fight against the head of Ropalolyst in his own node in Jupiter. If you want to enter the fight of the Warframe boss, you must first make sure you complete the mission of the story of "The Chimera Prologue".

Ropalolyst Guide - How To Farm Wisp (Warframe Gameplay)

How to get to the boss in Warframe?

For this you will need to open a path through history that will not make much sense. Although there are some sections that require some platform, the real challenge will be to see through the giant face of Natah.

What makes up the main arena of Warframe?

This is formed by a main platform and three surrounding towers with pulsating blue energy towers.

After a brief scene, the multiphase fight will begin.

During the first phase you will have to start the charged Ropalolyst attack towards one of the towers. To achieve this you will have to go to one of the platforms either jumping with the power of the operator's board or crossing the cables, although if you decide to opt for this last option, you should be very careful because the Ropalolyst usually charges the cables with electricity. And to complicate the situation even more, the boss may also disable your skills, and if at some point you fall, you will be teleported to the intermediate platform, causing you to start again from that point.

The boss being so powerful will fire several large ray attacks, these are usually very difficult to evade. The most reliable way to dispel the damage caused at this stage is to use the operator's invisibility. Another skill that The Boss has is that he tends to attack the host of the group more than other players when he attacks.

If you see the Ropalolyst flying, try to hide behind the tower, in this way the structure will absorb the attack, managing to load the tower. The bright ring will appear around you when the pillar is 100% charged.

After the above, you must lower the Ropalolyst shield with your operator amplifier. In doing so, mount on the boss by jumping to it with the action button (press "X" on the PC). Once you have control of the boss, take him to the loaded tower. This will cause a short scene to activate and transport the equipment to the central platform, which will be reduced with each phase. You can stun him by shooting Ropalolyst's Synovias.

Once done, press the console button on the central platform quickly to shoot a giant beam that goes from the sky to the boss, over time the Ropalolyst will most likely jump out of the daze, if this happens, shoot the Synovia again to bring it down . By doing this, additional enemies will appear on the platform, so use your fighter skills to defend yourself.

Make the same operation with the remaining towers in the area, although this time it will be easier, since having destroyed the Synovias you will only need to shoot the boss and stun him again.

Having defeated the boss, one of the four planes of Wisp will fall. However, this will not guarantee which one you will get. To cultivate the Wisp Warframe completely you just have to repeat the fight of the Ropalolyst boss several more times.

Below we will show you the suggested equipment - Ropalolyst Fight & Wisp Farming:


In this fight, highly mobile paintings can be very helpful. To get to Ropalolyst you will have to go a long way, but above all a straight shot. So overcoming it quickly will help you cultivate Wisp more efficiently.

In addition, you must cross the gaps quickly, as the boss moves around the map. Both Zephyr and Nova can avoid the electricity that otherwise prevents you from using the cables to cross.

As an additional fact, Nova portals turn out to be quite useful to help teammates with difficulties, since anyone can use them.

Rhino, on the other hand, is also an excellent option for novice and defensive players, although you must be very attentive when it comes to keeping your shields high, because as we mentioned earlier, Ropalolyst can interrupt your skills.

Weapons in Warframe

Regarding the issue of weapons, using a single target with great damage would be the ideal choice if you want to eliminate Synovias. Other popular options are the sniper rifle or a high damage beam weapon, but you can also cause much damage to the boss with the kitguns forged in Fortuna.

You should know that melee weapons get bonuses when sliding and also turn out to be good for eliminating mobs.

On the other hand, having an improved amplifier, you can remove the shields of Ropalolyst faster. And if you have problems hitting the boss with your amplifier, build one with a higher rank.

We remind you that Warframe is available in Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Action role-playing
Digital Extremes
Digital Extremes
Release date:
March 25, 2013

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