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Warframe: Where to get Sunlight Threshcones - Tips and tricks

2020-02-06 08:25:42

We will have on this occasion an explanatory guide of Where to get Threshcones Sunlight one of the many tasks to perform in Warframe and here it will be covered.

In Warframe we have many things to do, among many we must know where to get Threshcones Sunlight, we are going to be able to find it only during the day, at the base of the trees, on the ground it is located, but we want to know the precise place, to We have the content of this guide to help us accurately, the only requirement is to pay attention below.

What are the Sunlight Threshcones in Warframe?

Similar to pineapples, these are small plants, so that we can harvest them we must perform a scan with our codices or synthesis scanner, once we have this resources, it is ideal to use the Croos-Matrix Widget update, the which we get when you buy it in Cephalon Simaris pos 50,000 standing for our synthesis scanner, more details we will have now.

Where to get Threshcones Sunlight in Warframe?

In a 45 percent will be our possibilities for the widget, in terms of scanning anyone producing twice the resources to perform two scans, to find Threshcones Sunlight we have to check the following levels on earth:

  • Mantle - Capture
  • E Prime - Exterminate
  • Cervantes - Sabotage
  • Cambria - Spy

In these missions the set of tiles are generated high levels, which will give us many possibilities that we find Threshcones Sunlight.

Threshcones Sunlight

On earth we will find her in the missions of the Grinner Forest and during the day.

Dusklight Sarracenia

In Ceres it will be located in the missions of the Grinner shipyard in the swamp waters.

Moonlight Lilies

On earth we go on the Grinner forest missions at night.

Now if we want to know the schedule in the game, on the net we have the Deathsnack's Stuff, or Warframe Hub web pages, in this way we will know what time it is in Warframe and what time is left for it to be day or night, these resources cannot be scanned automatically, so we must consider using our Codex or Synthesis Scanner to obtain them.

End point of this explanation of Where to get Threshcones Sunlight being this a somewhat important task to continue advancing in the history of Warframe.

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Digital Extremes
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March 25, 2013

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