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If you are interested in knowing where to find Zarium's award in Warframe, pay attention, because here we will tell you where to find it.

What is the Warframe Zarium Award?

It is a new golden colored element that you must find in the game, specifically in Chrysalith, a new open world area where you can find in Zariman Ten Zero. The problem is that finding him is not that easy, so here we will tell you where to find Zarium's award.

Where to find Zarium's accolade in Warframe?

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    The Zarium Accolade is a small gold-colored relic of an Orokin nature, which spawns randomly in different areas, plus it doesn't have any kind of marker on the HUD.

    This item emits a bright, high-pitched, clear sound when you're nearby, and will also be marked on your minimap as loot. So we recommend equipping an Animal Instinct type mod, which improves your loot radar.

    In case when trying to bring the Zarium Accolade to Meclia, the quest fails, we recommend loading into the nodes from the navigation screen instead of starting the rewards through Quinn.

    You don't need to wait until the end of a mission to find them, they can also be found while playing through the mission. When you manage to find one, you'll need to take Melica's terminals around the level to get a Void Feather.

    Thus, we come to the end of this guide on where to find Zarium's award in Warframe, and we hope that all this training has been as helpful as possible so that you can complete this quest as soon as possible.

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