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Warframe: Where to find Dendrite Blastoma

2020-08-27 07:33:32

Guide to learn where to find Dendrite Blastoma in Warframe

  With the new Heart of Deimos update, you can now fish a new resource called Dendrite Blastoma and this can be achieved by following our guide explaining step by step how to achieve this.

Where to find Dendrite Blastoma in Warframe?

To achieve a successful fish of this resource you must get a Daughter Spari spear for 500 Entrati Standing. The easiest way to earn Entrati Standing is to make bounties for the mother and then give the mother tokens you earn to the grandmother. You will also need bait.

On the other hand, the Bait is actually the residue of Fass and Vome that you can find all over the map when the giant worms destroy each other. Look for areas of Cambion Drift that glow, and you will find giant chunks of spaceworm that you can smash to get the bait.

Once you have obtained the bait, go to the cave marked on the map. You need to fish Vitreospina to get Dendrite Blastoma. Equip your fishing spear, drop the bait and wait for the fish to start arriving.

When you have a lot of Vitreospina fish, go back to Daughter in the Necralisk and select the Cut Fish option. You must kill some fish to get to its soft interior to get its beneficial resources. Pick the Vitreospine you caught and cut it up, and this will produce some Dendrite Blastoma that you can use.

 Now that you know where to find Dendrite Blastoma in Warframe you can capture this resource to obtain the benefits of it in the game and take advantage of them. Luck!

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