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 Find out how to use Air Support Charges in this amazing and explanatory guide to Warframe.

What to know about air support charges at Warframe

For each one of the landing craft these support charges are specific, which we can find in our foundry, manufacturing them is a great possibility and with ease, during the mission this can play an important role, since it will allow us the call of support for our craft, now with the details that will be presented in this guide we will get to the understanding of how to use the air support charges, we just have to pay a lot of attention to what will be presented in the following content.

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    how to use air support charges on Warframe?

    The use of the support charges goes through the fact of the creation of the plane that we are going to get in the foundry, taking into account the need of the necessary resources and these are


    •  Plastides x 700
    • Credits x 4000
    • Morphology x 1
    • Rescue x 2000
    • Ferrite x 1200


     When this object is in our gear, it is possible to start with any mission, accessing our wheel and we choose the air support charges, being the way we are going to use it, the duration that these are taken for cooling is 10 minutes, it is good that we know that it brings with it the support charges, so it is ideal to see the following:


    •  With the skill of the craftsmen we can make shots of a beacon with which the alarms will be deactivated, the same happens for the blockades and the cameras, this is ideal in the missions of espionage and rescue.
    • With the ability of Mantis we can heal 100 HP at the time of activation, taking into account its use for a space of 25 times.
    • In the case of the Scimitar Bombs ability it is possible that having them in our surroundings we can take advantage of it.
    • With the Xiphos Sentry Turret we can shoot our enemies that are close to us

     We concluded that knowing how to use the air support positions is simple, which will allow us to better perform in the complicated situations in the missions we are presented with in Warframe.

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