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Warframe: How to play Defection Game Mode

2020-01-02 12:15:26

We will talk in this new opportunity of Warframe and specifically to solve How to play Defection game mode.

What should we know about the Defection game mode in Warframe?

In Warframe we have that the Defection is one of the types of missions that we are going to find, following the rotations, which causes the extraction to be our decision, we will have the support of the deserters Kavor to be surviving throughout our way, in this guide we will have the guidelines that will help us How to play the Defection game mode, just paying attention to the following content will suffice.

How to play Defection game mode in Warframe?

· Kavor defectors

These appear after a period of time, once we access the first set of doors, this happens 30 seconds later, in our mini-map we can notice them marked, we have to guide them to the first specific point of their trip, being Med Booster , in the survival missions we have that they seem like life support capsules, our enemies here will be the infested ones that try to eliminate the deserters and the atmosphere, the Med Boosters have to load them at all times, at the same time to continue we have to give them time of healing to deserters.

It is important that we eliminate mutual eagle carriers because we are going to obtain power cells for medical reinforcers that they drop, it will help us to deal with the infested, by carrying one of these cell phones and using our secondary weapon, we have to guide to the Kavor until they heal and to the point of extraction, it will not be a problem to achieve it while we eliminate the infested, by pressing a button on a console that is close to the Med Boosters, we can accelerate the appearance windows, after rescuing a group in which they are usually 40 seconds, with this we will get the Med Booster to load for the next group, a problem is that if we have many groups of deserters at the same time, it will disperse by protecting them.

· Rotations

For the rewards the rotations follow a pattern A, A, B, C, we have that every 2 groups of survivors is being a rotation, once the extraction of players will be available for the first 2.

We have Defection missions on the following nodes:

- In Neptune: Yursa

- In Phobos: Memphis

- On Saturn: Snail

The most suitable weapons are those of the land cleaning type, for example the Ignis, Ignis Spectra, Plasmor Ark and the melee and long-range ones.

End of this explanation, which was How to play Defection game mode in Warframe, we hope that these guidelines are indicated here in this guide.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Action role-playing
Digital Extremes
Digital Extremes
Release date:
March 25, 2013

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