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Warframe: How to Leave a Clan - tips and tricks

2019-11-26 13:46:41

This guide will explain to us with precise details the guidelines to understand how to leave a clan in Warframe.

In Warframe we have found that the clans represent some importance for many of us, thanks to this we access the research, laboratories, war frames and the most current thing that is the dry dock, of the Railjack battleships, are of great influence on our performance in the game, but it is good that we also know how to leave a clan, which puts us on the main theme of this guide and to find an answer, let's move on.

What should we know about the clan in Warframe?

Certainly the clan can become a central experience in this game, but sometimes we should not be stuck in a place, especially if we are part of a clan and we encounter many things outside of itself, such as policies that internally may exist and that in some way threatens our enjoyment of our game, so it is possible that we may want to leave the clan in which we are looking for another or form our own, in the end the reason why we make this decision does not It matters, for more details comes the final stage of this guide.

How to leave a clan in Warframe?

To leave a clan we must consider what we must do:

  • We will open the main menu
  • We go where it says communication
  • Then we enter Clan
  • We must look for our name in the list of members
  • In our name with the right click we will choose Leave Clan

In this way we will no longer have any access to the clan that belonged, at all, or to their badges, now if our goal is to start a clan on our own, we must create, laboratories, rooms, the dry dock and conduct investigations that are needed to get the articles that are useful, if our option is simply to find another clan, in the game chat we will go to the recruitment tab and thus we will be able to enter another clan.

Thus we conclude with this explanation, we hope that with this content it will be clear to our readers how to leave a clan in Warframe and what to do to create our clan or go to another.

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Digital Extremes
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March 25, 2013

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