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Warframe: How To Kill The Hemocyte - Operation Plague Star

2019-06-18 00:01:18

Fighting hemocytes in Warframe can be a complicated task if you decide to do it alone, but there's nothing better than sharing a moment with your friends, so we recommend hunting hemocytes accompanied by your friends so that the task does not become so complicated and together they can get the goal helping.

We have prepared a complete guide in which we tell you how to kill the hemocyte in Warframe.

(Warframe) Plague Star - How To Kill The Hemocyte Super Quickly

What are the hemocytes

The hemocytes in Warframe are similar to Lephantis. The hemocytes are creatures of a single body but with 3 heads, each of which represents an enemy faction. Your goal will be to kill each of the 3 heads (because you'll have to kill each one of their heads) in order to kill the emo.

The first head you will be able to distinguish it by its open mouth that constantly shouts and by the scythe that it has in the chest. Your goal to end this head is to hit the mouth that screams and the one face that you have in the chest, do it while you are swinging the scythe.

The second one of the hemocyte has a quadrate form of green color, this head has a mouth that has a vertical shape that stays closed regularly. Wait for it to open, shoot at the center of the inside of this mouth, but you must be careful because just when this mouth opens it is to shoot you, so you will have to dodge the attacks.

The third head of the hemocyte, has a long and long shape and snout, also has some elements in its torso with wings, which will open to attack, dodge and shoot in the area between the chest and neck.

While you are working on killing the Warframe hemocyte, you will be able to realize that the attacks you make against it will have a limit. This means that you can only damage him with one shot, so you want to make sure you have a weapon powerful enough to inflict a large amount of damage with a single shot, although you can also fire continuously quickly, like a blast.

Tips to kill the hemocytes in Warframe.

Take care as we mentioned when describing the heads of the hemocyte, beware of their attacks, you must bear in mind that the hemocyte can launch a blunt attack from nothing, so make sure you keep a retreat with him to be able to dodge his attacks in time.

Also, if you are not a veteran, the damage of the hemocyte can turn into a very overwhelming martyrdom if you are not prepared, so having something to heal you does not hurt.

Avoid standing on the boil because it could end up killing you.

Use Rhino's footprint to freeze the hemocyte, this will give you a greater chance to inflict damage.

We recommend using Arming that has a higher shooting speed like Opticor Vandal, also weapons that produce a good amount of damage, and if it has both characteristics then definitely much better.

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