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Warframe - How To Get Wukong - Tips and tricks

2019-06-27 20:12:44

Few things are as depressing as Wukong in Warframe was.

We really do not know whether to say that it was depressing or depifying, or even both, we refer to Wukong in Warframe. The fact is that Wukong was very marginalized in Warframe due to very boring and it was also literally impossible to kill.

But times change and Wukong did it too, so now Wukong became a much more fun and interesting character. So you probably want to get Wukong in Warframe.

How to get Wukong in Warframe.

Getting Wukong in Warframe is not a complicated task, you can find it in Tenno Lab in the Clan Dojo. So if you do not belong to any clan or dojo, we recommend you join one of the two to get Wukong in Warframe.

And considering that it is much more profitable to join a clan or dojo that already exists than to create your own from scratch, then you have more reasons to get Wukong in Warframe.

To get to Wukong in Warframe, as we already mentioned you will have to go to Tenno Lab, there you will have to use the console to open the menu, review the list and look for Wukong, your plans will be available for 15,000 credits for each component, while the Main plan will cost you about 35,000 credits. The approximate time to complete the construction of each component is 12 hours. But to get those components you will need to first get some elements.

Necessary elements to get Wukong in Warframe.


4000 Plastids.

15,000 Credits.

8000 Salvage.

2 Argon Crystal.

2 Neurodes.


2600 Polymer Package.

2 Nitain Extract.

15,000 Credits.

1 Neural Sensor.

1400 Circuits.


4 Nitain Extract.

15,000 Credits.

900 Ferrite.

1 Morphics.

50 Rubedo.

The two elements you need to get Wukong in Warframe that could give you more work are the 2 Argon Crystal, for which you will have to complete missions in a vacuum until you get them and the 4 Nitain Extract, which you will have to complete Challenges so that Night of Nora win Nora Credits and you can buy the 4 Nitan Extract and get Wukong.

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