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For you today, we have prepared an article covering everything you need to know about how to get the Vitus Essence in Warframe, covering everything.

What is the Vitus Essence in Warframe?

This is a special resource that you can obtain from arbitrations, where you will also receive a random roll of loot from the arbitration drop-down table. With this resource you can buy special items from the arbitration vendor in the Hexis arbiters, but first it will be necessary to know how to obtain the essence of Vitus.

How to get the Vitus Essence in Warframe?

This resource can drop from enemies killed from time to time when playing Arbitration and will be marked on your screen in the same way as other rare resources such as Requiem Relics do when it falls, so you will have to be careful when it falls so as not to overlook it.

Among the items that you can buy with this resource, we have the following:
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    • Vitus Illumina - Decoration - 9
    • Galvanized Mods - 20
    • Arbitration Statue - Decoration - 12
    • Cautious Shot - Mod - 15
    • Judicial Coils - Cosmetic - 20
    • Scars of Arbitration - Cosmetic - 15
    • Vitus Emblem - Cosmetic - 3
    • Power Donation - Mod - 15

    You will have to collect at least 89 essences to buy all the items on the list, that is 89 successful rotations in any arbitrage alert.

    Even though it has no use in the game so far, chances are that at any moment we will need it for something, and it could become important for something at some point. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to have a good reserve of this resource. The same can be used on statues and used throughout your ship.

    Now that you know how to get the Vitus Essence in Warframe, we hope that the process has been very clear, so that you can get as much of this resource as possible so that when it can be used in more things you have enough availability.

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