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Warframe: How to get the Vitreospina fish

2020-08-27 07:39:06

Guide to learn how to get Vitreospina fish in Warframe

  You may need to catch a few fish in Cambion Drift, but you should know that there is a type of fish that is one of the most valued in the game called the Vitreospina fish, the reason? is that with this species in your power you can take it to Daughter in the Necralisk, choose the Cut bait option, then choose these fish to obtain some sections of the spinal nucleus. This important resource is necessary to rank up in Entrati Syndicate. amazing, right? Well, now that you know, in this guide we will teach you how to catch this fish.

How to get the Vitreospina fish in Warframe?

First of all, you will have to acquire Daughter's Spari spear because this is the ideal weapon to capture said fish. This will cost you 500 standing. You can easily earn this position by executing a bounty for the mother, then taking the mother's tokens to the grandmother and handing them over for the position. Once you have the Spari Spear, it's time to go fishing for Vitreospina.

Another thing you need to obtain is the Fass and Vome Residue to act as bait for the fish, only a little will be enough for this task. You can get this bait by searching the surface of Cambion Drift.

When you have the bait, head to the cave marked on the map above. Vitreospine is a cave fish and will only appear in pools of water in caves that are below the surface. The Vome / Fass cycle does not seem to affect their spawning at all, but you will need to use the red / orange Fass bait for the reproduction of this fish.

With this done, the only thing left is to wait, so take this opportunity to catch as many fish as you can while the one of your interest appears, although it should not take long.

 Now that you know how to get the Vitreospina fish in Warframe you can capture it to later use it to level up or other things, the one that best suits you at the time of the game. Luck!

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Digital Extremes
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March 25, 2013

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