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Warframe: How to Get the Tatsu - Tips and tricks

2020-01-14 13:47:15

In this guide we will have covered all the necessary need to understand how to obtain the Tatsu in Warframe.

What is Tatsu in Warframe?

It is the weapon of the signature of Revenat, in Warframe this is a weapon of a great Kitana of two hands, which causes damage by radiation, counts on a long range and presents a high probability of status, when it gets to kill any enemy with this weapon loads will be released in the form of projectiles, this with the attacks of sliding, the enemies will be persecuted by these projectiles with which they will be stunned, to know how to obtain the Tatsu we see the following content.

How to get the Tatsu in Warframe?

For 20000 credits you can obtain the plans of this weapon in the market and it is possible to buy it complete for 275 platinum, which is the currency used by the game, it is possible that we build the weapon in the foundry in the orbiter with the following resources

+ Alloy x 100 Auroxium 

+ Hespazym alloy x 100 

+ Credits x 5000 

+ Argon Glass x 2 

+ Kuva x 1200

To find the Argon crystals, it is possible to achieve it in the missions that are in the void, those of Kuva in the missions of Siphon and Kuva Flood, the alloy of Auroxium and that of Hespazym, buying the planes with foot, the alloy of Auroxium can be obtained of the old Suumbaay in Cetus leg Ostron stading, in the case of the Hespazym we have the possibility of obtaining it buying it for Solaris standing in smokefinger in fortune.

12 hours is the time it takes to build the Tatsu, for 35 platinum can in less time, the statistics with the account this weapon are as follows:

 + Block angle - 55 degrees 

 + Range - 3m 

+ Radiation damage - 72 

+ Damage per bar - 68 

+ Puncture damage - 54 

+ Impact damage - 20 

+ Riven arrangement - 1 

+ Duration of Combo - 5 seconds 

+ Critical multiplier - 2.0x 

+ Critical Likelihood - 16 percent 

+ State probability - 28 percent 

+ Mastery range - 7 

 + Attack Speed - 1.0We have 2 possibilities in terms of construction, a hybrid capable of ending the critical and state possibilities at the same time, the second option is that the sea conditions overload construction, we have range, drift contact, fury and rage ready, and to cause a lot of damage the 6060 mods.

This way we end this explanation in our guide, being this specific of How to obtain the Tatsu in Warframe, with these guidelines our specific readers are happy, is what we expect for them with this content about it.

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Digital Extremes
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March 25, 2013

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