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Warframe: How to Get the Shedu

2020-01-14 13:38:10

In this guide we have all the guidelines and follow of How to get a Shedu in Warframe.

What is Shedu in Warframe?

In Warframe we have that Shedu is a secret weapon which was added through an Empyrean update, this has the form of an arm cannon, which completely covers the arm, sending it in our shoulder, the ammunition is not necessary for this, because instead by not shooting recharge ammunition, the damage is by a lightning strike, this damage is electrical to the site of impact instantly, so we separate more go to the content below.

How to get a Shedu in Warframe?

What we have to do to get the Shedu is to make the Erra search, the access key for this mission is that we make a determined action in a Railjack mission, the Paracesis weapon is important that we have, what we have by means of the prologue of the chimera, for this is necessary to have completed the sacrifice and then go to the orbiter, we must have with us the Paracesis to the next veil in the star chart of the Empyrean missions, here we have to have the rank 7 in our intrinsic abilities, that allows us the access to this area.

In one of the nodes of the Next Veil will appear a Sentient ship for 30 minutes at a time, this has a mark of a flashing red symbol, we have to locate it to board it and thus seek the red crystal that it has, the destruction of this crystal will give us access to the search for Erra, with the paracesis it will be possible what we do, once we agree to the search, this is based on cutting scenes and the matter ends we will have to get the plans of the Shedu, but it is not enough, we also have to cultivate the following parts:


+The barrel 


+ Mango 

In the Sentient Ship there are some symbols, these parts can have them when falling from these, if we want unique the ship, we just have to identify a timer that is on the website of Semlar, one that we already have all these pieces grown, we can make the construction of Shedu in our foundry, the time it takes to build is 24 hours but with 35 Platinum we can skip this time.

So we end this explanation, we hope that this content is understood by our readers, which was How to get a Shedu in Warframe, luck and even a new opportunity.

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