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Warframe: How to get the Atmo systems

2019-12-12 11:04:11

In this opportunity we bring for you a Warframe guide, where we explain everything about How to obtain Atmo systems.

What are Atmo systems in Warframe?

Before going into How to obtain the Atmo system it is necessary to know exactly what they are, because there is only one manufacturing component, in reality it is a kind of special rewards, which can be won through robberies, and can be done for the Vox Solaris syndicate in Fortuna, this means having to knock down the Mother Orb which is in charge of protecting the Orb Vallis.

How to obtain the Atmo system in Warframe?

Once we know exactly what this is, we focus on getting it, for this it is important to reach the Old Mate rank in Solaris United, this is what we will have to go to the secret room that is located in the back of Fortunate, there we will have a task to execute and is the conversation with Eudicio and accept the mission, then it is important to go to Orb Vallis more specifically to the laboratories and go to the floor below, because our goal in this place is to eliminate 3 directors of Corpus, for this is important to play through the second phase that gives you the opportunity to enter the third phase of Warframe.

Once we kill the first one underneath the safety salt, the second one immediately appears in the middle of the laboratory, and the third one that is in charge of generating the main room of the laboratories, once we have eliminated them it is important to go outside, because we must take the harmonic scheme which is protected by 2 Terra Ambulas, it is necessary to take them out because with that the scheme falls in the room, here it is important to take this element and to return to Fortuna, with this the mission is completed and with luck we will obtain some systems, it is important to bear in mind that this mission has to be executed several times, since we need a good quantity.

This is not a matter that can be complex, because to execute it in team could be a very important option, because for it 3 players cover the position of the points of generation for the 3 directors of the Corpus, and the 4 player waits with a rifle, as Tenno eliminates the objective, they will join all with the objective to eliminate the Tera Ambulas that can generate, so this accelerates a little more the step so much so that we will be able to use only 3 minutes.

In conclusion, running this mission several times gives us more chance to meet the goal about How to get the Atmo systems in Warframe.

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