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Warframe: How To Get Revolite - tips and tricks

2019-12-16 16:00:06

What is Revolite in Warframe?

With the update of Empyrean, Revolite was added, a new resource that we will have in Warframe to feed with this Omni tools, which is used to make repairs to the ship, this in the event that our ship presents breakages in the helmet or a fire, to solve this type of problem we must know How To Get Revolite and in this article we will have it covered.

How to get Revolite in Warframe?

To get Revolite we must use Pustrels and Cubic Diodes, These we will find when playing in the missions of Railjack, where we will meet with remains of ships, asteroids and vessels that will be floating in space, with visiting the Forging Bay in the part Rear of the boat or through the panel that allows us to customize our Raijack, when we have the necessary we can create 50 Revolite from 5 Pustrels and 5 cubic diodes, there are 4 forges in total where each of these takes 3 minutes to cool

In addition, we have the open option of reducing the cooling of Forge or that we increase our performance for the Revolite, with engineering skills, we will put some uninterested points, we will obtain a 25 percent increase in the performance of the forge in the 4 and 7, now, we will gain an additional 10 percent increase in classification 9, thanks to this we will be able to create more Revolite by using the forge more frequently, thus achieving that benefit, when we drive a ship, It is of great importance all the resources to collect, because thanks to them our ship will remain operational and otherwise the time will come for it to explode and the mission ends.

So we end with this article, and with all the specific answers on How to get Revolite in Warframe, the purpose of this is to lend the utility to our readers, so we hope so.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Action role-playing
Digital Extremes
Digital Extremes
Release date:
March 25, 2013

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