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Warframe: How To get Plastids - tips and tricks

2019-08-12 18:32:17

Find out the best tips to get plastids in Warframe. All the details here.

In Warframe there are recourse that allow you to create both weapons and Warframes. This memory is known under the name of plastids, these will be of great importance in the game. That is why we have brought you a small guide that will help you get plastids in Warframe to make things easier for you.

How to get plastids in Warframe?

The first thing you should know to get plastids in Warframe is that they can be cultivated either in Uranus, Phobos, Eris, Pluto and Saturn.

To fulfill these missions you must find a place on the map that has an entry, finding it just stay there and see how the infested will come to you. You should know that if you lead a team with a Nekros, you will be able to make use of his Profanar ability with the aim of increasing the amount of Plastids you can get. Another way to increase your rewards is by running Warframes as Hydroid.

It is worth mentioning that these missions are characterized by being easy for long cultivation sessions. Where you can have five-minute rotations, generating an improved percentage probability

Important data when getting plastids in Warframe

Plastids of Warframe have the possibility of falling out of cabinets and containers. In addition to that, its drops can be affected because of the resource boosters, which you can acquire in the market.

Basically that is all you should keep in mind to get plastids in Warframe.

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