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Warframe: How To Get More Tellurium

2019-11-26 14:23:35

We will base the explanation of this guide mainly on how to get more tellurium in Warframe.

What should we know about tellurium in Warframe?

In Warframe one of the most important resources is tellurium, which will help us in the construction of war frames, weapons, bows and many objects in the game, but the detail is that finding this resource is very difficult, since it counts With a fall rate that is too low, we will be able to find it only in the arching missions, the tile of the Sealab Grineer and in the missions of the Fortress of Asteroids Griner, in Uranus we will have a better node to cultivate the tellurium and from that Ofelia will be in charge, this is about a Survival mission, because it has an increase in fall rates, we can do it without stopping and take advantage of the benefits that this mission brings.

How to get more tellurium in Warframe?

We have the possibility of increasing the rate that resources fall, with the enhancers, also another option is to buy them at the Market place for Platinum. for this we must be in a clan, it will be good that the players with more experience in some missions can help us, in addition, that they can provide us with Warframes like Nekros, Hyrdoid or Khora so that they increase our opportunities are greater to obtain the tellurium, It is possible that with our capacity for charm we can also increase the rates of falls, now if we do not belong to any clan, we will look in the Recruitment Chat for people to form a team with them, a squad will bring us the advantage to find something so rare and scarce Like Tellurium

Having formed a squad, the best idea may be that we have two agricultural cadres, one to keep full of energy and the other for stealth such as Ash, Ivara or Loki. We will camp in a room that has only one entrance, we will find it in the map section, here we will be with our squad, the enemies that we should pay more interest are those who have the skills to grow drops, we will make Nekros use Desecrate and to reloading the life support sometimes we will send the stealth mount, this will bring the fall of resources to the maximum, this being the opportunity that will lead us to cultivate more tellurium than with any other form.

End of the guide and its explanation, which had as a central axis how to get more tellurium in Warframe, if these guidelines are followed, the objective can be achieved.

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