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Warframe: How To Get More Carbides

2019-11-26 14:10:03

The answers we will have in this guide below are specifically on how to get more carbides in Warframe.

To build our Raijack in Warframe we must get an important resource to achieve it, these are the carbides, having already built our dry dock, the Cepahlon Cy and until we have investigated, we will be able to access the parts of the Raijack, only that these parts are due repair, because they were discarded for a long period of time, which will lead us to find the answers indicated on how to get more carbides, we can know more thanks to the content that will come next.

What can we know about carbides in Warframe?

The most important thing is that 60 carbides will be necessary, this so that we can repair the propulsion system of our Raijack, in the Ice plantet tile in Europe, from the Eximus units we can obtain many carbides, since they will drop them, These units have a very familiar ability at Warframes, they are very rare and with great power, with these other units they can have a lot of power, generate shields or explosions of fire, compared to our standard enemies these units have much more life and They cause more damage.

How to get more carbides in Warframe?

The Defense of the Dark Sector that is in the Larzec node, will be the ideal mission to play, here we will see how the Eximus frequently appear, so if we have the opportunity to carry out missions where the Kuva Lich is behind us and in some nodes of Europe they will be the best option, since the Eximus units here in these will appear very frequently, taking into consideration that we will lose our carbides and other resources if the Lich reaches us, this mineral will also be affected, due to the resource enhancer that doubled the collection of resources, now we do not know if this would also cause the Warframes or Smeeta Kavat to affect the falls at this moment, but when the Eximus units die we will be able to get between 5 to 10 carbides, having already the option indicated to get this mineral, we can grow them and with this the Raijack will be repaired instantly.

With this we conclude the explanation of this guide, which was based specifically on how to get more carbides in Warframe, we hope this content helps our readers.

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