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Warframe: How To Get Khora - tips and tricks

2019-11-28 13:02:26

The content of this guide will be once more than Warframe, only this time it is how to get Khora.

In Warframe Khora represents a great threat to our enemies, this is a jacket accompanied by venari his faithful companion, the whip and the claw are of great capacity, with this it is possible to reduce the danger generated by strong enemies and with the whip it is possible inflict damage on a large scale, so it is good that we know how to get Khoray is where to enter this article to cover it.

What should we do to get Khora in Warframe?

To get to Khora we must go to Santuary Onslaught, here we will face some enemies by Cephalon Simaris, at the end of the rotations we will get the main plane of Khora and its components in rewards, we can enter the Sanctuary Attack through Navigation , in the lists of missions that are in the upper right of the screen and so we will achieve it, now we will see how to get Khora.

How to get Khora in Warframe?

The rotations in the sanctuary are 2 rounds, in which A-A-B-C will be the patron of these and the rewards pit, which will mean that we will have to play a total of 8 rounds if we want to get the rewards from rotation C.

  • Main shot of Rotation C with 11 percent success
  • Rotation C system plan with 11 percent success
  • Plane of Neuroptics of Rotation B with 9 percent success
  • Rotate A chassis plan with 8 percent success

So that we can cultivate the Khora plans we will consume a lot of time in Sanctuary Onslaught, the ideal is to bring several weapons to increase our level, or the moment we are here to cultivate Focus.

When we have cultivated all the plans, we will use some resources to carry out the construction in our foundry and these are the following:


  • Credits x 15000
  • Kavat genetic code x 5
  • Iradite 65
  • Alloy plate x 12,250
  • Rubedo 4300


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  • Credits x 15000
  • Kavat genetic code x 2
  • Claws of the Kuaka Spine x 35
  • Polymers package x 15,000
  • Salvage 16,000


  • Credits x 15000
  • Kavat genetic code x 2
  • Plastics x 1000
  • Circuits x 2600
  • Ferrite x 11500

For most of the game's creations, the resources are standard, only in the case of the Kavat genetic code and the claws of the Kuaka spine, these will represent more difficulty in finding these.

How to get the Kavat genetic code in Warframe?

This we will achieve when scanning the Feral Kavats in the Orokin Derelict Tileset, in these places it will be ideal to do it through the capture missions, when fulfilling the objective, in addition, we must also look for the level of the creatures being difficult to observe , if we perform a scan our chance of success will be 25 percent to obtain the genetic code.

How to get the claws of the spine of Kuaka in Warframe?

Just by killing the Kuaka we will get these claws, this in the plains of eidolon, they are creatures with a resemblance to rats, which will be visible when running on the plains during missions.

We will take into account that the construction time of each component will take 12 hours and at the same time all the constructions are made, with the primary Khora plan we will be able to create the Warframe, the duration for the compilation is three days, but if we use Platinum it will be instantaneous when we finish we will be able to equip Khora, we will level up and experiment, it is important that when we start building we have with us a spare warframe slot available.

In conclusion, we can say that in this guide are all the guidelines that must be followed to know how to get Khora in Warframe, so this content will be of great help.
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March 25, 2013

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