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Warframe: How To Get Ivara - tips and tricks

2019-12-02 11:20:13

In order to know how to get Ivara, it is important to achieve 3 objectives within the Spy mission, since there are hidden parts hidden in the C Rotation rewards, it is important to complete the 3 objectives to be able to obtain the drops, this is a necessary requirement, it is a mission that works only once, and for which we must use the ability to hide effectively.

The missions of difficulty that we require in order to get the plan require:

  • Systems: easy levels 1-15.
  • Chassis. Average levels 16-25.
  • Neuropticos and Main Blueprint- heavy levels 26 onwards.

The choice of the framework in the missions only depends on us and our capabilities to carry them out, even if there are those who want the Grineer versions, we will have to choose to choose the one we like and grind it, so it is important that we use figures with the objective of going through any Hacking, with the goal of reducing speed on the one hand in terms of time in which we execute the mission and on the other hand with the purpose of reducing the failure in Warframe, because if we consider using Loki great series, because here we must face the maximum duration, because this gives us more opportunity to enter and exit the vault, just keep in mind that stealth should be our main bastion in this process.

What are the resources to know how to get Ivara in Warframe?


15,000 credits.
5 Control module.
1000 Ruby.
5 Nitain Extract.
1 Argon Crystal.


15,000 Credit.
5 Morphs.
2000 Cryotype.
700 Ruby.
4 Nitain Extract.


15,000 credits.
5 Neurodes.
800 Plastides.
2600 Polymer Package.
2 Argon Crystal.

Each of the components that we use in the construction process requires at least about 12 hours, because by bringing them all together with the main plan of Ivara we managed to build the Warframe, which has a duration of 3 days, although some choose for making use of the Premium currency of Warframe platinum so construction times are simply avoided, but it could take away all the excitement or at least from that point of view I see it, when we finally reach the end of this process we can upload level, and in this way to experiment with the constructions that we really want to use in this game.

To close, it is important to be clear that knowing how to get Ivara in Warframe only depends on the resources and the stipulated time to make a construction that is really an interesting enough model.

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Digital Extremes
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March 25, 2013

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