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Warframe: How to get Grendel

2019-11-04 12:01:25

We will talk in this Warframe guide and explain that we should know about how to obtain Grendel.

Once the Warframe update, number 26, brought Grendel, the world consumer, we can get it for free when completing missions, but these are not a simple challenge, so we must pay attention in the details that we are going to have next if we want to pass without problems.

What should we know to get Grendel in Warframe?

The first thing we should know is that we need to cultivate to buy the keys of Grendel, we need a key for one of the 3 new missions in Europe, that by fulfilling it we will win a piece of Grendel, the easy thing is that each of the keys can Buy it for 25 Vitus Essence from the arbitration vendor, each of the keys is called parts, chassis, neuropathic and systems, only for one person in our team will need the key, the associated key will be of importance for the appearance of the missions in Europe, now if there is a possibility that they do not send them better, for all the members of the game the piece will be the reward, it is possible to cultivate the 3 keys if we want, which leads us to be able to group a team so that You can count a key for each mission among the team, or mark us with another team where they have the keys, if someone else does it it will not be necessary to have a key.

How to get Grendel in Warframe?

We are already in Europe where the most difficult part of this part of Wraframe is coming, it will be very helpful to meet in the chat with people to recruit, these missions have a high level of difficulty, all mods are disabled, both weapons, warframe and companions, for these missions they do not exist, it is not only that, we will also not be able to access the spoiler mode or the objects for change, our enemies are at the beginning at level 40, the first thing we must do to have some defense to so many Obstacles is to find a team in recruitment chat, to reduce the difficulty of missions such as Nidus, Octavia, Wisp, Frost, Trinity and Harrow. These are of a high level of difficulty.

The important thing is to get protection, energy recovery and have a well-trained team, the missions are not only 3, where the survival lasts 20 min, the excavation concludes in 800 cryogenic and the defense will be 15 waves, these missions represent a eternal time or they could end quickly if we do not have a good organization of our group, without the mods it is a great problem, and after we overcome all these obstacles that Europe brought us, we will gain the part of Grendel that had associated the key that made the unlock , if we look at the image above, we will notice that it is not difficult to build it, the eidolon plains have resources, for little money we can find it in the market.

Having Grendel, it is good to see how new we will have and the Requien modems that it contains, Kuva Lich will be stalking us to stab us, which we must be prepared to overcome.

So we are reaching the end of this guide, we hope to be clear on how to obtain Grendel in Warframe and fulfill the purpose that was sought when using this content.

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