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Warframe: How to Get Focus Lenses - Tips and tricks

2020-01-06 12:46:39

Do you know how to get focus lenses? If you don't have an ideal how to do it, you have arrived at the right place here.

In this game we find the possibility of getting focus lenses, which are designed to update the operator and unlock new skills, but that is not all because we can equip them so that they reach level 30 and allow us to get experience through of the death of the enemies, because it allows to divert the experience gained in Focus, so let's see exactly how to get focus lenses

What are Tenno's sequels to gain Focus on the Warframe skill tree?

  • Zenurik
  • Vazarin
  • Unairu
  • Naramon
  • Madurai

How to get focus lenses in Warframe?

There are really 4 types of lenses, the focusing lenses are one of them and are usually achieved by the rewards, Konzu in Cetus or Eudico in Fortuna, these rewards generally fall randomly, when we complete some stage, these lenses can be exchanged between players and we must be at the minimum level 20-30, this lens converts 1.25 x excess affinity at the Focus points.

What are the other lenses we can get in Warframe?

1. Eidolon lens: to be able to make exchanges with other players on the plane, it can be bought in the market for a value of 80 platinum, we must be at level 5 of Cetus rewards, it is good to know that Eidolon's breath can be achieved by winning completing Bounties on Ceuts, to get these plans we need

  • 1 major lens
  • 5 breath of Eidolon
  • 25,000 credits

This lens converts to 2.25x excess point affinity in Focus

2. Lua Lens: this is a plane that is achieved by executing C Lua Disruption rotation missions and we need these resources.

  • 5 somatic fibers
  • 1 Eidolon lens
  • 25,000 credits

This plane will convert 3.25x excess affinity into focus points.

3. Lens major: this shot can be achieved by buying 40 platinums after completing the search for the second dream, or buying them for 200,000 credits, yet we present an option using these resources.

  • 1 way
  • 1 Orokin cell.
  • 4 focusing lenses that match.
  • 1 ring of Argon.
  • 25,000 credits

This larger lens can convert 1.75x excess affinity to Focus Points.

This is how we get to the end of our Warframe guide, we hope you know how to get focus lenses

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Digital Extremes
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March 25, 2013

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