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Warframe: How to Get Fish Oil

2020-01-09 10:34:10

It will not be necessary to have a fishing rod and a processing machine because with this quick guide you will learn how to obtain fish oil in Warframe.

What is fish oil for in Warframe?

It is a very useful resource in the game that you will use to classify with the ostrons, and some specific plans of Cetus.

How to get fish oil in Warframe.

To obtain fish oil you will have to fish in the lakes and pools of the Eidolon Plains, the fish you get will have to be taken to Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus, where you will have to select the option "Cut Fish" to cultivate the materials that You can get one species, the amount of oil you get depends on the size of the fish.

Keep in mind that the amount of fish you get will depend on the skill of the Smeeta Kavats Charm and the resource enhancers you have active.

The fish that gives the most oil is the Murkray species that is found in the ocean during the day or night. In order to catch this fish you will have to obtain a special bait that you can get at Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus for Ostron Standing if you are in the Visitor range with the Union.

But if you want to get fish oil without bait you will have to fish the Mortus Lungfish that you can find in the ponds, during the day or night using Lanzo and Peram spears.

As simple and fast as you know how to get fish oil in Warframe, you have several sources depending on your need, if you do not have sebum, if you have a certain range, if you need a lot, if you need little, so we hope our guide will It has been very useful and you can take advantage of this resource when playing.

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March 25, 2013

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