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This time we return with a Warframe guide with the objective of explaining how to get Entrati Lanthorn.

What to know about the Entrati Lanthorn in Warframe?

It is a very strange resource that is available in Zariman Ten Zero, which was added through the recent update of Angels of Zariman, some options are presented to find this resource, it is required for the manufacture of Alternox weapons, Phenmor and the Warframe Gyre, now to know how to obtain it, let's see what the following details offer us.

How to get Entrati Lanthorn in Warframe?

Through several missions it is possible that we obtain this resource, being these:
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    • With 6.67 percent chance on Void Flood on Rotation B Everview Arc
    • With a 10 percent chance completing the Halako Perimeter Extermination
    • With a 6.67 percent chance, the Void Cascade in Tuvul Commons of Rotation B
    • With 6.67 percent chance on empty Armageddon in Oro Works Rotation B
    • 10 percent chance upon completion of The Greenway Mobile Defense


     Through the containers or lockers we have that there is little chance of obtaining it, even from the enemies of this set, only that the chances are very low, we will gain more options with it being available using the fall enhancers that we can buy in the store, even using Nekros it is possible to apply defile to this, having the same effect for Khora who can use her Pifering Strangledome or Hydroid who can use Pifering Swarm, being in all cases the same effectiveness.

     In conclusion, knowing how to get Entrati Lanthorn is interesting because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Warframe.

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