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Warframe: How to get Dusklight Sarracenia

2020-02-04 12:29:45

We return to these sides to talk a little about Warframe in this guide on How to get Dusklight Sarracenia

What is Dusklight Serracenia in Warfame?

Before knowing how to obtain Dusklight Serracenia it is important to have some idea of what it is, as it is nothing more and nothing less than a plant, which can grow in the world, making it a bit complicated to obtain, but don't worry, as we have made this guide with the necessary details so that the search is simple.

How to get Dusklight Sarracenia in Warframe?

This plant needs in Warframe can only be obtained in one place, in a set of tiles of the Grineer Shipyards, the detail is that they are between the mud and this makes them something complicated, because often they grow in the mud as such, and usually they are small that hardly manage to leave a little making them something difficult to see, these places where they are toxic mud, like pools of this element.

Where can we harvest this plant in Warframe?

This plant can be harvested in one of these Ceres nodes.

To make the Nightfall Apothic we need some details and they are:

Get the Dusklight Serracenia in the swampy waters of the Grineer Shipyard and bring it to the Ceres of the Moonlilies

Plants collected at night from Grinner Forest missions in Threshcone land from the sun.

The plants obtained during the day in the Grineer Earth forest missions and it is important to take into account your Helios Sentinel, you simply cannot scan these resources automatically, so it is necessary to make use of the Codex or the Synthesis Scanner to be able to collect them.

The ideal Ceres nodes to grow this plant according to nature are Pallas Capture, Lex Sabotage, Bode and Ker Spy.

This way we can finish our guide on How to obtain Dusklight Sarracenia a quite important but complex plant to get in Warframe.

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