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Warframe: How To get Control Modules

2019-11-28 12:02:34

The objective for which we will carry out this article is to share an explanation on how to get control modules in Warframe.

There is a resource that is used infrequently for the elaborations in Warframe, through our enemies, checking boxes or containers we can get it, the control modules, being this a resource of vital importance to carry out the agriculture with greater ease, in The principle will be somewhat tedious but if we get to adapt and more if we have information of the type that we will have in this article, which will explain how to get  control modules.

Where can we find the control modules in Warframe?

We will be able to find this precious resource in Europe, Neptune and the Void, first we will have the possibility of cultivating it in Europe and Neptune, then we will get access to the Void, which will also be the most correct option to cultivate control modules , more details come next.

How to get control modules in Warframe?

The problem is that we will obtain this resource from our enemies, which will be affected by the farm frames, so we must run with Nekros with the ability to desecrate, being Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm and Hhora with Pilfering Strangledome, which It will help us to improve our chance of obtaining this resource, in addition, an advantage to increase the rate of fall are the reinforcers of resources and to increase the number of these resources when collecting them being with the capacity of charm of Smeeta Kavat.

The survival missions will represent our best options to obtain the control modules, in which we must cultivate as much time as we can, the 5-minute rotations increase our possibilities and the fall rate is affected by some of these, using 2 frames of Cultivation will be an ideal option if we go in a squad, a trinity to be full of health and energy, one for stealth, Ahs, Ivara or Loki. We will look on the map to camp a room in which it has a unique entrance, we eliminate the enemies that have the ability to grow drops and we will use the Desecrate with Nekros, and stealth to recharge vitality, In the Void it is easy for let's grow a lot of control modules but this method is applicable in Europe and Neptune too.

We finish the article, highlighting the importance of this explanation which brought us many answers regarding how to get control modules in Warframe, if we apply these guidelines it will be simple and we hope it will provide the utility expected by readers.

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