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Warframe: How To Get A Vasca Kavat

2019-11-01 21:51:50

This is the correct way to get a Basque Kavat in Warframe. Check out here for more details.

  In Warframe a new breed of Kavat was added, it is Vasca Kavat, which has an affinity with the night. If you want to know how to obtain it, stay with us, because in this opportunity we will be telling you how to make it possible.

How to get a Basque Kavat in Warframe?

To do this you will first need to take another Kavat to the Eidolon Plains at night. The next step will be to start the search for Vasca Kavat and allow your own Kavat to interact with him.

It should be mentioned that your Kavat could be exposed to contamination by a Basque bite, in that case you should print your Kavat.

Consequences of a Basque bite

When reproducing the traces of two previously contaminated Kavats, it will result in your own Vasca Kavat. However, it is unknown what kind of effect the Basque bite can cause on your Kavat. In case of any news, you can go to Cetus to visit Master Teasonai in order to obtain a Basque Curative, this will prevent your Kavat from becoming contaminated by a Basque. In addition to that, Maestro will sell you Basque floofs.

Additional information about the Vasca


A Basque has the ability to sacrifice part of his health to raise them in case his teacher is bled.

Vampire bite

Vasca's bite ignores the armor, this drains its life prey, adding it to its own.

  Basically this is what you should know about Vasca Kavat in Warframe.

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