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Warframe: How to do a heavy melee attack

2020-09-04 07:41:55

We are back for Warframe and it is to tell you how to do a heavy melee attack, let's see.

Is it necessary to know a melee attack in Warframe?

Sometimes most players tend to ignore the importance of attacks, as they tend to consider that it is just a simple attack where only some effort is made and that's it, but it is not, since this can achieve a considerable impact on our enemies, which could bring us some formidable but that could put us in a point where we are always ahead, since ignoring this heavy attack is simply not an option, because we will not have to use weapons all the time.

How to do a heavy melee move in Warframe?

To make a melee attack it is necessary to build a counter since this will be spent when executing heavy attacks, this can be built when we attack minor enemies, because it is what can allow us space for attacks against more powerful enemies, the important thing is Get a combination of a counter since this can multiply x2 the damage, making it an interesting combo, because this combined counter is easy to build, it will only be necessary to perform normal melee attacks against some enemies, since each hit that can be successful will be attached to our counter which can be found in the bottom corner of the HUD.

To know how to do a heavy melee movement it is necessary to understand that we must press R3 or the middle button of the mouse, since it is possible to consider that there are different heavy attacks and the idea is to make the most of them, since each of them usually has a final, which represents the moment of execution until the damage itself is achieved, sometimes it can be interrupted because it is prone to blows or presents some variation according to the weapons used, it is important to consider that there is the Naramon tree which allows us delay the loss of our combo meter to get the high values and reduce meter drain using Focus Energy.

This is all you need to know about how to do a heavy melee attack as it is important to carry it out because it is not always possible to use weapons in Warframe.

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