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In the universe of Warframe we have many tasks, one of them is How to create a sister Parvos and here we will tell you what to do.

What to know about a Parvos' sister in Warframe? 

These are enemies that we can generate that will have their own actions, being important to complete a series of missions such as Inner War and Call of the Tempestarii, it is important that we do not have an active Lich of Kuva, which will lead us to treat them if we find them, then considering this it is ideal that we know how to create a sister of Parvos and with the details of this guide we can achieve it, let's see them below.

How to create a sister of Parvos in Warframe? 

It is necessary that to achieve solve How to create a sister of Parvos  we enter the void to face the wandering spectra, this happens in the tilesets of the corpus ship, using a Zenith Granum crown, we have to achieve rank 1 inside the void to call a sister in Warframe, then when we return to the corpus ship we have a candidate is presented, which we must kill with the use of our Parazon, then the sister's weapon is on this one, and we can choose to kill her for mercy, if so it will present the emergence of a sister that is in the system of origin similar to a Kuva Lich, being then the progenitor of that sister. 

It is important on How to create a sister of Parvos  in Warframe to consider the progenitors for each element, considering that they generate the same type of element for the Lich as the standard Warframe and these are the following:
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    • Cold: Frost, Gara, Hildryn, Revenant, Titania and Trinity.
    • Electricity: Banshee, Excalibur, Limbo, Nova, Valkyr and Volt.
    • Heat: Chroma, Ember, Inaros, Nezha, Protea, Vauban, and Wisp.
    • Impact: Baruuk, Gauss, Grendel, Rhino, Sevagoth, Wukong, and Zephyr.
    • Toxin: Atlas, Ivara, Khora, Nekros, Nidus, Oberon, and Saryn.
    • The tier: Magnetic, Hydroid, Lavos, Mag, Mesa and Xaku.
    • The radiation: Ash, Equinox, Garuda, Loki, Mirage, Nyx, Octavi and Yareli.

    Then, when we are back in our Orbiter we have to about How to create a sister of Parvos this one has been revealed, it is possible to notice her attributes with the pre-existing screen of Kuva Lich apart from her abilities and hound, now if we get to be in the influence mode of her domains it is necessary that we face the hound of this one, which helps our sister gets to appear in the mission, it is with many similarities to that of Kuva Liches, having to level up with failure, thus having us about 5k to 10k credits for the requiem attempt, it should be noted that with the right sequence of mods with our sister will make her escape to a guaranteed end in her capital ship inside Railjack in the neptune next, it is necessary that we are as intrinsic pilot 5 to be able to access the node, managing to face her in group by creating pairs. 

    To access the capital ship it is required that we complete the Railjack objective, then we will look for our sister having in turn to defeat the Warframe wraiths that protect her, then the next thing is to decide whether to convert her or beat her, considering that by converting her we recover the lost credits, join her in the mission and having a crew member, if we beat her we still recover the piggies, the weapon and the ephemeral if she has it. 

    This way we finish our Warframe guide, now you know how to create a sister of Parvos , just enjoy it to the fullest.

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