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Warframe: How To Check Day And Night Cycle

2019-12-04 09:28:52

Discover with our help how to verify the day and night cycle of Warframe. Here we will show you all the details you need to know.

As you know, Warframe has a day and night cycle, which you should take into account to do certain activities, because depending on whether it is day or night, certain elements of the game can change, such as plants. Some will only appear during the day and others will only do so at night. So what will be like verifying these cycles, we have brought some indications that will help you achieve your purpose so pay attention.

How to check day and night cycle of Warframe?

For this you can use both Warframe Hub and Deathsnack's Stuff. These websites will offer you all the information about the different cycles, in addition to the Nightwave missions, current events or even invasions.

Warframe cycles

  • Earth cycle.
  • Cetus cycle.
  • Vallis cycle.

Differences between Earth Cycle and Cetus Cycle

Although the Cetus Cycle is located on Earth, it does not behave the same as the Earth Cycle. This is because the Cetus cycle only applies to Cetus and the Eidolon plains, unlike that of the Earth that can be applied to all nodes of the Earth.

What Apothics and resources do you need?

This list shows everything you need:

Apotic Nightfall

Moonlight Dragonlilies Location: Earth. It is at night in the missions of the Grineer Forest.
Threshcones of solar light Location: Earth. They meet during the day at the Grineer Forest missions.
Sarracenia DuskLocation: Ceres. Marsh waters of the Grineer Shipyard Missions.

Twilight Apotic

Moonlight Jadeleaf Location: Earth. It is at night in the missions of the Grineer Forest.
Claw of RukLocation: Mars. In the chip games of the Grineer Settlement.
Lunar Pitcher Location: Lua. In the mosaics of Orokin Moon.

Sunrise Apothic

Sunlight Jadeleaf Location: Earth. In the set of chips of the Grineer Forest, in areas of water during the day.
FrostleafLocation: Venus. In the sets of chips of Corpus Outpost, near the cliffs.
Vestan Moss Location: Mercury. In the game of asteroids tokens Grineer.

In this way we finalize the guide on how to check day and night cycle of Warframe.
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