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Warframe: How To Board Enemy Ships - tips and tricks

2019-12-16 16:45:03

On this new occasion we will be talking in this guide of How to board enemy ships in Warframe with precise details.

In Warframe it is something of great importance that in the battles of Railjack we make the boarding of the enemy ships, we will certainly see with ease that with our ship it is possible to eliminate some fighters, but when we run into large vessels such as Crewships it will be of vital importance address these types of ships and attack them from the inside, so that we have an idea, the following content will help us to know how to board enemy ships and will be with precise details.

What should we know to board enemy ships in Waframe?


 We must run to one of the Railjack exits, which when interacting with it we will do, for this it is important to use the arch, being something that if we have a sufficiently high level, we will use the archery cannon to exit, having the location of the crew, we go towards it in a long arc, we cannot directly do it, since this will cause us death, details that we must take into consideration before boarding an enemy ship.

How to board enemy ships in Warframe?

 Taking into account the guidelines of the previous paragraph, what we are going to do now is to approach behind it, then we will point to the door of the bar, we will press the X to carry out the approach, here we will have two possibilities, one is the destruction of the crew and the other the reactor, if we decide the latter will cause an explosion, which in turn will represent a conto exit time for us, where we enter we will return and enter the archery mode, so we must be careful.

 In the other case, to eliminate the crew, we must go to the cabin, kill the pilot and return to the crew against our enemies, communicating with the squad will be key, since they will end the crew while we are in the enemy ship, followed by this we will go to the reactor and return to our ship, through the side doors when pointing them, to the Raijack we will return.

We have reached the end of this article, which was about How to board enemy ships in Warframe, we must take the content guidelines to succeed in this objective, we hope it is helpful and is achieved without problems.

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