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In the universe of Warframe we have many tasks, one of them is How to beat a Void Angel and here it will be covered.

What to know about the Void Angel in Warframe?

It is a threat that has been added with the arrival of the recent update of Angels of Zariman, they are powerful enemies that we will depend on a highly capable operator to face them, now to know how to beat an Angel of the Void, let's continue with attention to the details presented below in this guide, let's see.

How to beat a Void Angel in Warframe?

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    The first thing is that we complete the story of Angels of Zariman, something that requires before completing the missions of the new war, the next thing is to go to the codex that is in our Orbiter ship to choose from the list of missions, when completing the mission In order to find the Angel of the Void, we have to choose to play the Void Armageddon mission, we must use regular weapons to face him, this combat has a couple of stages, the first being where we can cause damage of any kind while using the weapons of greater power that we have, the corrosion damage is the most appropriate, with which we will damage his armor and when we see that our opponent drops a level we will go to the next stage.

    Seeing the Angel on his knees we have to go jump to the resplendent orb that is located on his back and with this we will enter the void, here the confrontation will become in operator mode, having a time limit to damage him as much as we can, at the moment when his shield is broken we will see that the orbs are going to surround him, we have to make a jump into the void through the orbs to destroy them, managing to damage the Angel when the spheres are destroyed, we have to repeat this several times until we manage to defeat him, this will drop an important element near his corpse, you just have to go out, and we will have completed this search.

    Finally, now that we know how to beat a Void Angel, we can move on to Warframe.

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