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With our Warframe guide you will learn more about How to beat a Necramech.

What are the Necramech in Warframe?

This is one of the challenges that we are going to face added by the update, they are mechanical monsters that will be patrolling the isolation vaults, these will drop very important resources once we have eliminated them, which will lead us to want to understand How defeat a Necramech, considering that the mechanics of the different fights that we will have is necessary to master, in the content that will be presented from here on in this guide will focus on supporting us in this regard, let's see what we find.

How to beat a Necramech in Warframe?

These have a few weak points if we want to understand How to beat a Necramech, they are able to resist most attacks, the shoulders and a scar on the back are the key points to cause damage, focusing on the shoulder will allow decrease the ability of these enemies to resist damage, so we will then go on to focus only on the back until it falls, the weapons are able to go through objects, in this way it means that shooting in the chest is indicated and at crossing will cause damage to the back where the scar is, these necramech have the ability of storm savanna which allows them to absorb the damage and create a kind of barrier, it is necessary that at this moment we stop attacking it at close range, we have to cover us until the barrier is enough at Warframe.
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    The weapon that will be in charge of causing the damage when going through the chest of a Necramech is the Stropha, but this will depend on the construction and the combined meters that allow this attack to be executed, in case of getting hurt with a heavy attack it can mean that It affects the shoulder as well and it will see its health falling, this weapon has a scaled resistance to damage that is based on the incoming, which is also built by critical damage, heavy attacks and is important in these confrontations, We must consider that among the options that help us to defeat a Necramech is the sniper rifle, which is highly effective but will rarely be very useful, it is necessary that the weapons are modified so that the radiation, explosion and impact can take advantage of it.

    There are a few correct warframes to face these enemies, among which we have a Chroma capable of causing strong damage, Harrow that will help us eliminate the storm shield, Wukong will allow us to resist the damage of this enemy and cause precise damage , a meter combined with minor enemies can be very useful, so it is necessary to use skill 4 if we want to avoid the damage that we are going to receive from it and then attack it in a weak point, therefore the Nyx assimilated with a Stropha It is the best option, we can even increase the damage caused with the Nyx's ability 2 and use a debuff, the options are multiple in Warframe to carry out this confrontation so we must be attentive to our preferred construction.

    It is clear that knowing how to beat a Necramech allows us to progress while having fun in Warframe.

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