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Warframe Guide: Nakak Operational Supply Ranks and Operation Plague Star Rewards

2019-06-18 00:23:44

Have you already heard about the Nakak, its recommencements and everything related to it?

Do not worry and rewards of the star Plague of the operation in Warframe for you.

Nakak is an NPC linked to Revenant Quest, usually selling masks. You can find Nakak in Cetus. In Operation Star of the Plague in Warframe, Nakak is in command of the Operational Supply Union.

Have him with him to get all the recommands of the Operation Star of the Plague in Warframe.

The first thing you have to do is perform the reward of Plague Star for Konzu to be able to co-exist, then you will have to go with Nakak to rise in rank to buy the rewards of the Infested star operation that you can with your level.

Operational supply ranges of Nakak.

The operational supply of Nakak has 3 features available in Plague Star, each of the traits will give you some rewards of Operation Star of the Plague in Warframe for free, the rest if you have to buy them.

First feature, Contributor: costs 1000 Permanent, you will need 5000 credits and 10 Grokdrul to reach this rank.
Second feature, Defender: It costs 3000 Permanent, you will need 10000 Credits and 10 Iradite to reach this rank.
Third and last feature, Champion: it costs 6000 Permanent, you will need 50000 credits and 10 Nistlepod to reach this rank.

Although you will start in a neutral trait

In addition, there are some recommen- dances of the Operation Star of the Plague in Warframe that you will surely want, such as the Plague Akwin Plan, the Plague Keewar Plan and others. With them you can build incredibly powerful components and weapons for melee combat but they are only available if you have the rank of champion.

If you are in the first rank you can buy the Phylaxis Blueprint from Eidolon, the Blueprint from Snipertron and the Blueprint from Ether Daggers.

While if you are in the second rank, you can buy Exodia Contagion Arcane and Exodia Epidemic Arcane.

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