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Warframe: How To Build A Dry Dock

2019-11-26 14:31:23

Again, our central theme will be about Warframe and this time the explanation is how to build a dry dock.

In Warframe we will see that the main work of a dry dock is that it allows to build and lodge battleships Railjack, it is possible that we carry out special missions with the ships, in which many battles are included, entering the enemy ships and even doing a lot of teamwork Therefore, it is of great importance that we know how to build a dry dock, to achieve this we must pay attention to the content that comes next.

What should we know to build a dry dock in Warframe?

The most important thing that will lead us to build a dry dock is the download of the Rising Tide update, then you have to log in, now with this when entering the game, we will receive a message, which will tell us that Ordis He says he discovered a dry dock scheme, which could interest us and our partners.

How to build a dry dock in Warframe?

The Clans dojo will have to take care of the construction of the dry dock, it will be necessary to have enough space for the Varadero, it must be along a corridor, because it should not be near other rooms, the resources that we are going to be needed for the construction of the dry dock are the following:

  • Credits x 100,000
  • Salavamento X 25,000
  • Circuits x 850
  • Tellurium X 15
  • Form X 1

Now according to the size of our clan the application of the multipliers will depend, this we must take into account.

The construction time of the dry dock is between 12 hours, but if we want it to be as fast as possible, with Platinum it will be done instantly, then we will have to go to the other end of the Varadero, here is a platform where there are two consoles One of these will help us investigate the Cephalon Railjack, to achieve this it will be important that we have the following resources:

  • Credits x 4000
  • Mutagene mass x 5
  • Detonite injectors x 5
  • Sample of Fieldron x 5
  • Orokin cells x 2

These resources are increased by the size multipliers for our clan, one hour will be the time that the Cephalon Railjack investigation will take, which in addition, we will not be able to advance, when we have finished the construction, we will be able to replicate the plan and thus create the Cephalon Railjack.

In this way we have finished with this explanation, which focuses more on how to build a dry dock in Warframe, we hope that this content helps and lends the utility that readers were looking for.

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