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Void Bastards Tips and Tricks: How to beat in Hard Bastard difficulty and ironman mode

2019-06-11 19:28:03

Void Bastards, the strategy video game developed by Blue Manchu, it's a bit difficult for many to do some things and understand others, that's why we have prepared a complete guide of tips and tricks about Void Bastards, so you can learn and know how to beat Hard Bastard.

Void Bastards (Hard bastard difficulty and ironman mode)

How to beat Hard Bastard in Void Bastards.

Take care of your oxygen

The first thing you have to keep in mind to learn how to beat Hard Bastard in Void Bastards, is to be very aware of oxygen.

You must bear in mind that you will spend more or less a minute without oxygen and we are sure that you will not want to die on your way to defeat Hard Bastard in Void Bastards.

So make sure you are very attentive to your oxygen meter in Void Bastards.

Try to be aware of your surroundings in Void Bastards.

The first thing you have to know to beat Hard Bastard in Void Bastards is that you have to be attentive to your surroundings, always try to be very alert so that no enemy will surprise you from nothing.

If you can take 4 weapons with you, then take them.

Many times having guns is not synonymous with being confident and calm. Sometimes you will simply want more power and the guns will not be able to give it to you, besides the ammunition is scarce, you will want to have a 4th weapon at random just in case. So take advantage, this benefit will allow you to take 33% more power with you and be able to beat Hard Bastard much faster.

Do not waste ammunition.

As we have already told you. In Void BAstards the ammunition is scarce. And many times you will have so little strength that the best thing you can do is hide and avoid spending the ammunition you may need to repel any attack on your way to defeat Hard Bastard.

So keep the ammunition you have for truly necessary situations.

Get with elements.

In order to beat Hard Bastard in Void Bastards, try as much as you can to get health and oxygen, but if you can get it quickly then do it because you will need it, once you are sufficiently charged with health and oxygen, you will be able to respond with fire quietly in Void Bastards.

Avoid conflict whenever you can.

Many times it is better to retire than risk. Sometimes it will be possible to avoid destroying a turret and simply save your precious ammunition, as long as you can avoid it and save then do it, besides they do not even offer a good booty until the end of the Void Bastards.

Be careful when cultivating level 1 boats in depth.

Our next recommendation to beat Hard Bastard in Void Bastards, is that before going further from the level of depth 1, is to ensure you have good weapons and also with good equipment. Once you are well equipped, take the time to complete everything you need.

Defeat in the corners to get blatant shots in the enemies' heads.

If you do not want to lose a lot of health by chasing the enemy shots, then surround them at the corners or stay posted and cut them with a combined 1-2 gun.

Blocks the cracks of a room cleared.

Whenever you see a crack try to close the room where you are and if you can close the doors that surround it do it also or directly put a mine in it, so you do not generate a Zec too early.

Discard the boats with bad statistics.

No If the power on a ship is out and you have time, a good idea is to run quickly and destroy all the key security elements before restoring power.

Avoid fires, these could kill you if you do not take enough care of them.

Beware of ships that appear to have no enemies.

Of these you have to be very careful, because your enemies of Void Bastards could be posted on the cover to avoid being seen and once you fall there will be no mercy.

Try not to lose so many merits from the beginning in Void Bastards.

Save your merits of Void Bastards, for when you really need them. You will be able to obtain resources while you are advancing by the boats, but it is better to go directly to the boats with many merits and to obtain ammunition of pistol.

Know what are the weaknesses of your enemies.

This is one of the most important tips to defeat Hard Bastard in Void Bastards. Always try to determine what are the weaknesses of your enemies, this will allow you to know exactly where and how to attack and thus inflict much more damage on them. Besides that, this saves you from wasting so much time stalking the wrong points.


Rad gun is his kryptonite, although he can not be poisoned, the radiation falls in heaps. These kryptonite are not really dangerous, but they can still be annoying. You can use the rivet guns, although it will not be the best option. You can use grenades, too, although it's not easy to aim with them.


Avoid conflicts with the screws Here the solution is the bullets, lock them in a room, shoot them with the mental washing gun, but we recommend using the teleport gun and shoot them in a closed room.


We recommend you shoot your weapons or throw grenades while you cover your shield with both, including a rocket launcher. Although we recommend using the teleporter gun if you have it.


Secbot is in the house and you have no choice but to confront him. Use a reflective shield at all times, you can again use the teleport gun, and mine at the door that Secbot will enter, also use a rocket launcher if you can, always try to inflict a large amount of damage as his health recovers quickly.


The gun is quite useful in general. We recommend improving the damage to shoot the cameras when necessary, although the gun is very useful against cameras, Juves, Janitors, scribes and more.


The stapler is very good at removing cameras in Depth 3+ and stunned sentries, you can use it as if it were a pistol for short distances.


Zapper is also very useful in general, this is able to stun all enemies except Zecs and Patients.


These are perfect for sending sentinels and then shoot them, wait for an enemy approach from behind and want to be forewarned to avoid any bad experience in Void Bastards. Although it does not always work with the Zecs.


As we already mentioned the grenade is difficult to aim, what we must recognize is that it produces a good amount of damage against enemies in Void Bastards. Perfect against patients and sentinels when you no longer have mines.

    Void Bastards toxin dart.

This is very good against scribes and specters, capable of eliminating enemies in places with a lot of free space. You can shoot several darts to stack poison, but the typicall 1 dart can kill basic enemies if you leave them alone. In general, the toxin dart is not that we like it too much.

    Rad dart.

This could be said to be an improved version of the Void Bastards toxin dart, only that you are able to put a cloud of toxins in the area of ​​a ship that will poison all the enemies that pass through it. We recommend using it in small corridors or very full spaces where toxins can make a better effect.

Collect it whenever possible, avoiding irritating yourself too much.

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