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Void Bastards: How to get merits easily

2019-05-29 20:00:52

These are the ways to obtain merit in a simple way in Void Bastards.

Void Bastards besides being a revolutionary strategic shooter that seeks to test both your ingenuity and your aim, also aims to develop your skills to get money, in this case the so-called merits, which are the main currency in Void Bastards. The more merit you have, the better your stay in the game, because this currency allows you to have a better quality of life. So if you want to know how to obtain merits in a simple way in Void Bastards, continue reading.

Void Bastards Destroys Genre Barriers

Get merits in Void Bastards

As you progress in Void Bastards you will need to use the merits in different services while you explore the nebula. Services can vary from buying food, buying healing services or even using radiation treatments. But if you do not have enough merits you will not be able to enjoy any of these services.

So every time you die in the game, you unfortunately lose all the merits that you have acquired. However, each time a new client rehydrates, they receive a care package that contains some merits to start over again.

Although you can also find additional merits in the ships and in the nebula. In general, these merits are usually hidden around the ships you visit. The merits can also be included in items that remain outside a bright container.

Finding merits in the nebula, are usually even easier to obtain. While navigating from one ship to another, you may notice that some of the nodes are not sent at all. They can be boxes of bullets, boxes of food as well as random merit awards.

These merit lotteries usually have a random amount of merit. To find out how many merits you can earn, you should highlight the merit award and look at "benefits." So go for the merits so that they are your property.

There are also ways to reduce how much merit you need to spend. Since the badge of merit is a tool that can be designed on the desk, offering a 10% chance that authorizations are free. As well as creating and updating the padded jacket, you can increase your health, this will help you to save both in the healing seasons and in the consumption of food.

For those who wish to gain more merit in Void Bastards, they should keep their eyes open to see the Merit Awards and any tools that can help reduce the cost of shipping services.

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