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Valorant: How To Win with Omen Agent

2020-06-02 11:33:47

Agents are fundamental pieces in Valorant, so today we are going to talk to you about How to win with Omen Agent

Who is Omen Agent in Valorant?


  It is necessary to consider that our progress in this game allows us to have some agents who simply allow us to operate with ease and this implies knowing how to win with Omen Agent, since with him it is possible to have some interesting strategies since he has the ability to support allies and this is simply a highly positive option.

What are Omen Agent's skills in Valorant?


 One of the most interesting things about an agent is the skills and knowing how to win with the Omen Agent leads us to first know the skills that he has, because each of them has their characteristics and we explain them here.


  •  Dark cover free of forms (2 credits): this is an ability that allows you to control the damage of the sphere, since it has 35 seconds of cooling taking advantage of to launch the sphere and that it simply blocks the enemy's vision
  • Wrapped Basic Step (100 credits): Omen has the ability to teleport to a certain position on the map without anyone noticing and this can be done for a short enough delay.
  • Last 7 Orbits: As Omen has the possibility of teleporting to any link on the map, this allows time to be made for enemies to realize that we are arriving and this is what it is necessary to be careful with.
  • Basic Paranoia (200 credits): Omen has the ability to launch an orb and as soon as an opponent can be touched he will simply be blind in a temporary way.


 How to win with Omen Agent in Valorant?


 The main thing that we must consider is to give an excellent use to the abilities, since there is the possibility of using the Paranoia to get to cause some flashes that allow to blind the opponents for a few moments, thus allowing to launch a dark orb, in addition, the Coverage Dark is a favorable point since it allows attacks to be made from somewhere on the map and this is due to the ability to rotate.


 Using the ability from the shadows is simply favorable because it can be classified as definitive, since there is the possibility of teleportation present so it is our obligation to move to a place where we can be and feel safe, it is also an excellent way to get rid of some enemies , because it is ideal to avoid being exposed but for this it is good to use paranoia for example and leave unscathed.

 In this sense, knowing how to win with agent Omen simply allows us to explore the skills that Valorant brings with it.

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