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We have prepared this guide on how to redeem the duality player card code in Valorant so that you know everything you have to do.

What is the duality player card code in Valorant?

This is a free code that was recently released during a cinematic at the Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík, for which you will only have 48 hours to redeem it and claim your dual player card. So pay attention so that you can redeem the code quickly because we will already tell you how to redeem the duality player card code.

How to redeem the duality player card code in Valorant?

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    First you must bear in mind that some players may experience problems when trying to redeem the duality player card code, this since the website where it is cashed may not charge everyone, in addition to that some users report encountering the errors 503 and 504, but fortunately here we will tell you what to do.

    The first thing you should do is try to navigate to and if the error appears again, simply try to reload the site several times, until after a few attempts until it opens correctly, and you can redeem the code.

    When you manage to access the website correctly, you will have to log in to access the page where the code is entered, what you must enter is YTILAUD in the empty box> click on "Send" to receive your cosmetic reward piece.

    Surprised? Well, this is how easy it is and now that you know how to redeem the duality player card code in Valorant, we hope you can get your cosmetic piece quickly now that you know step by step how to do it.

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