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Find out how to play as Astra in this excellent and explanatory Valorant guide.

What to know about Astra in Valorant?

It is the last character available in the game, it brings with it a kit that is focused on astral skills, thus achieving precise control of the crowd to our team, but certainly we must consider the great difficulty to learn it, it requires time and practice for the correct handling of it, now to understand How to play as Astra it is appropriate to consider the content of this guide, then let's see the following details.

How to play as Astra in Valorant?

It should be noted that once it appears we can enter its astral form in the round, which allows the ease of exploring the map and placing stars, achieving that our player remains in the same place in Valorant and that we can walk around the map or leaving this even, once we leave the astral form we return to the starting location, if we use this medium in unsafe places it can become a guaranteed death, so knowing how to play as Astra must be taken with caution, the placement of the stars can be done at any point on the map, initially we have only two, but with 200 credits each it is possible to add three more, it should be noted that in Valorant the enemy cannot destroy them, so being both inside and outside the astral form we are allowed to use the desired ability with our corresponding keys, apart from the fact that with the default F these can be recovered, these aspects being useful on How to play as Astra for a correct performance.
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    Once we press C on our star, we are going to create a gravity well, which will attract all the enemies in our radius and will be vulnerable, for a short time they can be caused to greater damage, something that can be great. Useful for those enemies that are at a difficult angle, making them exposed to kill them easily give Valorant, now if we press the Q we will create an explosion at the location of the enemy target while it is in our radius, the ability can be of great utility in the existing peaks or in the enemy's locations, we must take advantage of this situation because the enemy will not be interrupted if he is planting or deactivating, it is ideal to have all these aspects that allow you to master How to play as Astra in Valorant.

    In relation to how to play as Astra, the E skill is presented, which with two charges allows the creation of a smoke cloud at the location of our objective in Valorant, this takes 15 seconds, which allows at that moment to reach places of vital importance for our defense or stopping the rhythm of the enemy, making the enemy's angles act against them, the last of the abilities known as the Cosmic Divide, turns out to be the version of Symmetra's aurochs that is related With Overwatch, taking into account knowing how to play as Astra, we will be able to activate our, finalize with the right mouse button, only that getting used to it is not very easy, in the practice field we will be able to test it, when it is placed a wall capable of covering the whole world, achieving a fence to the visual and bullets in relation to the different sounds, considering that the ability of Sova's darts will not be able to be stopped, instead the shots of him A Killjoy turret and other projectiles yes, looking for advantages against our enemy is something suitable, because they will be forced to go out at angles that will benefit us.

    Certainly there are many things to keep in mind about how to play as Astra, but the important thing about a character is that he has scope to have his skills very high, taking into account how difficult the fighting can be at the beginning, it is key to know how to enter the astral form at the right time, during some cases we will be of support to those who face the enemies directly, always taking care not to end up harming our companions with the placement of the stars, a smoke in a badly placed place can be fatal in Valorant.

    Clearly knowing how to play as Astra allows us to perform better and have fun as we progress through Valorant.

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