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Today we bring you a Valorant guide where we will talk about How to get the butterfly knife.

What to know about the butterfly knife in Valorant?

It is a weapon that is part of a collection of military inspiration, this package has recently arrived in the game, taking into account how much was expected, we have that this knife presents an interesting animation, it has 3 different variants, red, blue and green, now to know how to get it let's see the following orientation.

How to get the butterfly knife in Valorant?

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    What we must do is simply buy the Recon package for 7100 PV, or if not the pro knife 3550 PV, this is when logging in with our Riot account, we go to the store to see the package banner, we give it the option that we want mentioned before, we can also unlock the variants that the knife has, just by paying 10 additional radianite points, this Recon package corresponds to the level of aspects of the Premium edition, which also includes the Recon Specter, guardian, Ghost and Phantom.

      Finally, now that we know how to get the butterfly knife we can get on with our fun in Valorant.

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