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Valorant keep bringing us some bugs which makes it necessary to tell you how to fix Lags

What is the purpose of fix Lags in Valorant?

To have the opportunity to enjoy the game as it should be, without any type of failure, the idea of ​​this is to avoid being shot and consequently have been able to have fewer deaths while we are playing which makes it necessary to take care of buying some Simple enough tasks, but that usually serve us, so that knowing how to correct Lags simply involves us before the possibility of applying some necessary adjustments.

How to fix Lags in Valorant?

It is taking care of taking a look at different causes, since in some cases the mere possibility of not having the minimum requirements can throw us errors, this because specifically Valorant requires some particular characteristics which makes it vital to have a high-end PC so as not to have problems and therefore leads this can be caused by delays that may well affect performance, in this sense, know how to correct the Lagsnos to consider:

Have these minimum requirements to be able to run Valorant:

  • Own Intel Core Duo E8400 CPU.
  • Have at least 4 GB of RAM.
  • Have a 64-bit Windows 7/8/10 operating system.
  • Count with vertex shader 3.0.
  • Have pixel shader 3.0.
  • Has Intel HD 4000 video card.
  • GPU speed does not apply.

Now, the recommended requirements to play Valorant are:

  • Has Intel Core i5-4460 CPU.
  • Have 4 GB of RAM.
  • Have a 64-bit Windows 7/8/10 operating system.
  • Count with vertex shader 5.1.
  • Have pixel shader 5.1.
  • Has GTX 1050 Ti video card.
  • Have dedicated video RAM, 4096 MB.
  • The GPU speed should be 3.2GHz.

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    Check the Internet connection: sometimes the connection may be slow or present problems and this causes delays, in this sense, we must take the correct actions, especially considering that this is usually a game that is played online, in such a way that knowing how to correct lags leads us to pay attention to our internet connection or, if defective, to check the bandwidth with the provider, sometimes this is usually reduced thanks to the people who use the streaming service, to which is necessary:

    • Check that the router has not been left on for a long time and requires a restart to continue working normally.
    • Check that at home there are not any number of tasks that require internet and can be so overloaded.
    • Check that there are no third-party programs that may be interfering and therefore consume a large amount of bandwidth, which causes these delays to appear.

    Choose to restart Valorant: there are times when it is necessary to take care of restarting a game and from their problems can be solved, in such a way that knowing how to correct the Lags can lead us to this action, sometimes our PC usually keeps the so-called cache, and it keeps a record of everything in the background, it is possible that some records may be starting, for which it is usually necessary to take a look that there is nothing that may be running, which makes it necessary to restart the game and therefore the cache will be cleaned, this can actually work when a patch has not been installed correctly or is damaged.

    Take a look at the Riot Games servers:
    this is another option that you may well use once we have checked the previous actions and for this it will only be enough to take a look at the official page to verify the status of the server, or in the networks This is due to the fact that a lot of information is usually raised on these sides, in fact on some occasions it may turn out that there is a number of users playing and this causes the server to be busy presenting us with errors, the idea is to wait awhile so that it can lower the influx of players and thus access the game normally.

    This is all we know about how to fix lags, so this gives us the opportunity to continue playing Valorant again.

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