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2022-03-30 11:19:44

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With our help you will see that knowing how to fix high ping is easier than you thought in Valorant.

What to know about the high ping in Valorant?

There are many reasons why this can happen, with network ping being one of the causes of the game being affected, so it is appropriate to consider the internet network among the main cause, using third party routing software or the DNS exchange for precise details regarding How to fix high ping let's follow the details below.

How to fix high ping on Valorant?

There are a series of options that will help us solve this problem and they are the following:
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    Switching Internet Provider: This may be the most accurate we can do, looking for plans that are most effective for games and game streams.

    Third-party routing software: having a subscription to routing software can be an important option if we do not want to change providers, such as ExitLag, NoPing Tunnel or Mudfish can be good options, with this it is possible to establish a dedicated connection to any server , achieved a reduction of 20 to 40 ms of our ping.

    Reduce the network load of our PC
    : the execution of applications in the background can be a great obstacle when playing, because it will be consuming the internet bandwidth, so closing the applications that work in this way is necessary to have the maximum the network available for the game.

    Cable connection:
    when we are in a competitive or special style game like this, a LAN cable connection may be necessary, which can help us to have an important stability of our connection avoiding drops and interference.

    Network adapter update:
    It is important that our firmware version is the most recent for our network adapter.

    Change the DNS: by doing this we can get a better game situation, which will take us to the internet properties to change the DNS to and alternate with, we will use the command prompt with administrator rights to empty them , being necessary to write ipconfig /flushdns and we give it enter.


     This is all there is to know about How to fix high ping, you just have to apply what you have learned to have a better gaming experience in Valorant.

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